The Kitchens of Hell’s Kitchen

It’s difficult to visit here and not think about food. It’s difficult to say the name and not think about food! But word associations aside, the reputation Hell’s Kitchen holds as a culinary powerhouse is long-lived and well-deserved. From its humble roots in tenement housing and bootleg distilleries, this neighborhood has blossomed into one of the city’s most prominent playgrounds for foodies, where delicacies from all corners of the earth can be enjoyed in venues ranging from black-tie elegant to food-truck casual.

On Restaurant Row

Any mention of restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen usually starts with ‘Restaurant Row,’ a stretch of West 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues which boasts little else than food. If you’ve snapped up an apartment for rent in Hell’s Kitchen, ‘Restaurant Row’ is in your backyard, and the offerings there are legendary. The oldest and arguably most famous restaurant in the bunch is Barbetta, a dazzling Italian gem that’s been owned by the same family for more than 100 years. Across the street, Joe Allen’s classic American fare has added spice: the possibility of celebrity sightings, and Bar Centrale below is the place for elegant pre- and post-theater drinks. Headed for its sixth anniversary on the famous street, La Pulperia boasts Chef Barroz’s exciting blend of Latin American flavors with a break from the formality that characterizes so many of the street’s offerings.

Off Restaurant Row

An apartment for rent in Hell’s Kitchen may come at a price, but rent includes a culinary passport. Off ‘Restaurant Row,’ the neighborhood practically teems with epicurean delights. Pick a country off the map and chances are good that there’s a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen offering its national cuisine. Various waterfront restaurants let you feel like you’re on vacation, with greats like Pier 81 and North River Lobster Company on opposite ends of the spectrum; Pier 81 is fine dining while a visit to NRLC means dining in a fish shack. The Ninth Avenue Association’s International Food Festival has occurred every May since 1974 and is one of the city’s oldest street fairs. Tenth Avenue between 43rd and 47th Streets is a food-truck highway, allowing patrons to experience a wide array of local and international options without breaking the bank.

This neighborhood has something for everyone as far as food is concerned. An apartment for rent in Hell’s Kitchen means you can experience it all, with ease and at your leisure. You could pick a new restaurant in the area each week for a year and you wouldn’t travel far, there’s so much on offer. Its history, location and buzzing energy all combine to make Hell’s Kitchen a central location in NYC’s food scene and a prime spot to call home.